Process for Comunidad Initiative | Commissioned by PepsiCo for their new internal initiative at the corporate headquarters.


Exploratory Symbols

PepsiCo wanted the branding for Comunidad to be inclusive, friendly, and approachable. In discussing with their Hispanic employees, and brainstorming I came up with the idea of having hands or people as the main element. The symbol by itself will showcase PepsiCo as an inclusive and caring company, even without the word-mark accompanying it.


Exploratory wordmarks

In creating a wordmark for Comunidad, both PespiCo and I wanted to shy away from stereotypical and overdone portrayals in the typography. The type treatment presented to PepsiCo included a mix of sans-serif types mimicking PepsiCo’s own branding as well as hand-drawn typefaces to present a friendly, non-sterile image.


Exploratory color palettes

Hispanic culture has many significant events, ideas, and looks. PepsiCo wanted to bring that familiarity to this initiative. I landed on some Latino events and complied color palettes based on them.

The final logo can be viewed here: